Transportation and Accommodation
In order to be able to obtain health services in a remote, comfortable, peaceful and comfortable environment, we offer budget accommodation options. In addition, we provide private transfer services between the airport-hotel and hotel-hospital.
For patients who come from abroad diagnosis and treatment protocols as well as accommodation services are planned according to the patients’ needs. This servie is provided with the aim of making our patients feel comfortable as if they were receiving treatment at the comfort of their own homes.
Throughout every stage of the treatment, all our doctors, nurses and consultants establish an open and honest relationship with their patients based on mutual trust and understanding. Our staff who can speak various foreign languages can easily communicate with all of our patients.

Scope of Service for International Patients
Accommodation arrangements in the vicinity of the hospital
Arrangements for airport transfer
Facilitation of payment transactions
Language support
Assistance in arrangements of local sightseeing tours Guidance for the patient and his/her relatives before and after their visitAssistance in international insuranceScheduling of medical appointments, including follow-up care (pre-op and post-op assessments), assistance in check-in and check-out procedures

Getting to Northern Cyprus:
Must be at the airport at least 2 hours before departure time of the flight on the specified flight day.You must have a valid passport in order to enter North Cyprus.Your mobile phones need to be set prior to leaving your home country to accept international calls.When you arrive in North Cyprus you can easily get a mobile phone card even at the airport that will provide you with cheaper calls for local and abroad.It is absolutely necessary to bring the required tests for treatment purposes.

Ercan Airport North of Cyprus
Ercan Airport is situated on the north of the island and is around 20 minutes away from the hospital by car. As there isn’t any direct flights to Ercan, you will need to book a flight which connects you via İstanbul-Turkey. Therefore, travel documents required by Turkey are also required by Ercan as well. However we can organize a letter for patients requiring a visa which entitles you to obtain one easily from your immigraion office/embassy. Operating airlines from İstanbul are; Pegasus airlines, Turkish Airlines and Atlas jet.

Larnaca Airport South of Cyprus
Larnaca Airport is situated on the southern part of the island and is around 60 minutes away from the hospital, should you travel by car. There are many flights coming to Larnaca directly from most major European cities. You will need to present your passport/visa at the border when travelling to North Cyprus in order to get to the hospital. We will happily arrange transport for you regardless of your airport choice.