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One of the greatest concerns of many couples, who are considering of or receiving IVF treatment is whether there is a possibility that their sperm, egg cells, or obtained embryos will interfere with other couples’ cells / embryos in the laboratory environment.

The most common reason this concern is constantly on the agenda – is that the couples have no chance of observing the process at this stage and rarely can be negatively affected by the foreign press.

It is possible to avoid these concerns due to our total quality control and quality management programs implemented at all stages in our laboratory, where high-tech, experienced staff work, and at the important stages, the confirmation of two different people is taken and has a high standard of organization. Egg, sperm and embryos of our patients and each donor are separately coded and stored. In addition, our basic application requires; during process with cells or embryos of a patient, we do not keep cells or embryos belonging to another patient or donor cells not allocated to patients . All the processes in the laboratory are organized hourly, and in practice such mistakes can be completely avoided. However, some of our patients can always genetically test their babies in an independent genetic center if any question mark left in their minds.